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Empowered by AI for Smarter Security


You have the cameras, but no one is watching.

While security cameras are often seen as a fundamental asset for security teams, their actual efficacy in detecting and preventing security incidents is limited. Typically, surveillance footage is only reviewed post-incident, offering little proactive security value.

Consider an enterprise with 500 cameras, producing 11,000 hours of footage daily—a volume that exceeds human capacity for real-time monitoring. Even with dedicated operators, over 90% of activity can be missed after just 30 minutes of continuous camera monitoring.


of activity is missed after 30 minutes of manual monitoring.

11,000+ hours

of surveillance footage is created daily.

950+ Million

surveillance cameras deployed worldwide.


Detect threats in real-time

When Guard Eye detects a critical event, it transforms this occurrence into a video alarm signal, immediately transmitting it to both the client and the monitoring center. This grants instant access to event-specific video and live footage from the scene, enabling a rapid and precise response to the incident. Guard Eye offers visual security solutions that facilitate swift action in the event of a crime, providing clients with options for either a standalone self-monitoring system or enhanced protection through continuous, proactive monitoring by a 24/7 video command center.


Guard Eye's security approach, featuring real-time visual awareness and active criminal deterrence, is enhanced by our command center's remote command and control capabilities. This method is ideal for protecting properties, both inside and out, from theft and vandalism. With Guard Eye's Visual Security System, customers enjoy peace of mind through live remote access, real-time alerts, and continuous monitoring provided by our 24/7 command center. This system effectively deters criminal activity, reduces false alarms, keeps customers informed, and improves police response times during critical incidents.

A person and animal being tracked on CCTV.


The Guard Eye system seamlessly integrates with both existing and new security installations, including alarm systems, access control, and video surveillance networks. This adaptability enables security providers to offer enhanced visual alarm monitoring services to both longstanding and new clients. Incorporating Guard Eye into these systems ensures that customers gain immediate visual situational awareness in the event of a critical incident. The ability to rapidly assess and respond to such events is crucial, making visual security an invaluable asset for those requiring swift action from law enforcement or security personnel.

Man interacting with a smart tablet.


Swift Response

Guard Eye's threat detection workflow empowers security and operations teams to respond 10 times faster, recognizing the critical importance of every second in physical security.

Threat Detected

Guard Eye utilizes the current security camera infrastructure for ongoing monitoring and detects countless distinct threat indicators.

Alert Notified

Upon detecting a threat, a visual alert containing the relevant surveillance footage is promptly dispatched to the designated team members and our centralized monitoring stations.

Hand holding a smartphone

Audible Detterence

The audible deterrent aspect serves as a powerful tool in deterring intruders, adding an additional layer of security to the system.


Every alert comes with integrated dispatching capabilities, enabling security and operations teams to react swiftly with the visual context required for evaluating the situation.

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